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Yoga in Daily Life activities in Cuba

In October 2014, Sadhvi Yamuna Puri and group of 20 Yoga in Daily Life practitioners from Spain, participated in the Ibero-American Congress of Thought and a Festival of Ibero-American Culture held in Holguin City, Cuba, as representatives of Abunathswami Maheshwaranandaji's worldwide recognised system Yoga in Daily Life.

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Excerpt from Holguin Culture newspaper 'The Light' 26 October 2014 about the Ibero-American Congress of Thought: "After a speech on the undeniable relationship between man-nature-healthy life from the ambassador of Guatemala to Cuba, the table was filled with spirituality by Sadhvi Yamuna Puri by her special speech titled, 'Human development and sustainability as a process of a healthy culture through the practice of Yoga in Daily Life.' "

Sadhvi Yamuna was awarded a special recognition for the collaboration with the University Oscar Lucero Moya of Holguin, where Yoga in Daily Life is an optional subject. The recognition was conveyed by the  Chair of the University of Holguin, Professor  Dr. Xiomara Garzón Montes de Oca. Professor Amparo Berillo (ethics professor at the university) introduced the scientific system Yoga in Daily Life of Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda and her practice with the students.

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Speeches, performances, public yoga practice and other activities were carried out during the week.

Children with mental challenges who practise according to YIDL were visited, and they also participated in some events. The children have been taught YIDL for more than three years, and the director and the managing team are very satisfied with the results.

18 mentally challenged children 19 Maura teaching YIDL

In the central square of the city, the group practised a Meditation for Peace.

8 Open meditation

They also performed a concert of bhajans, staged a march through the streets of the city, sat for a Brahma Muhurta Meditation on a hill overlooking the city of Holguin, and gave a YIDL performance at the spectacular Caribbean Pesquero Beach, followed by satsang and prayer.

5 special recognition 14 march in the street 2 27 Brahma Murti Meditation 2

31 Yoga practise Pesquero 32 Yoga practise 25 satsang

Local newspapers reported about Yoga in Daily Life and their activities during the Culture Festival.

Excerpt from an article by Ms. Sailis Quesada Requejo: "It is very unusual to see a group of people meditating in the streets of Holguin. Yoga in Daily Life teacher Sadhvi Yamuna Puri led a meditation in front of Ibero-American House. I was only present as an observer and do not know how to meditate, but I felt the peace she spoke about."

15 newspaper the Light