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Yoga in Daily Life fundraising appeal: CORONA RELIEF IN INDIA

Your urgent help and support are needed now!

Every donation – however large or small – will help to relieve people's suffering.


Due to the current critical status of the pandemic crisis in India, we ask for your compassionate financial support for CORONA RELIEF – a fundraising appeal organised by the international community of Yoga in Daily Life.

Our Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital in Rajasthan, India, is currently being prepared by the Indian government to receive coronavirus patients, actively supported by Jadan Ashram.

To support the hospital in treating as many people as possible, your donations to the YIDL CORONA RELIEF IN INDIA fund are greatly appreciated, and will help provide medicine, oxygen, protective suits, beds and other relief supplies to the hospital and local communities in the surrounding area.

Every donation is welcome and will specifically help people in need, saving lives of patients, and providing support for ongoing sustainable social health projects in India.

Donate here >pic 1

or contact your national Yoga in Daily Life Center.

THANK YOU for your help during this critical time.