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Yoga in Daily Life sport success at first Grand Slam tennis tournament for hearing impaired

The Deaflympics has long been an event designated for hearing-impaired athletes, but at the Grand Slam tennis tournament of the prestigious Australian Open in January 2023, it was the first time this category had been represented. This inaugural competition was a Hungarian success, with 37-year-old Gábor Máthé, an experienced player from the DEAC Tennis club in Debrecen, coming out on top, and he utilised Yoga in Daily Life® to maintain his stamina and peak form for the event.

The global challenge for the hearing-impaired known as the Deaflympics, is held every four years. Hungarian tennis player Gábor Máthé was a bronze medallist at the 2009 tournament in England, a gold medallist at the 2013 event in Sofia, and a silver medallist at the 2022 event in Rio de Janeiro.

The 37-year-old athlete has now achieved another feat, finishing first in the first-ever Grand Slam tournament for hearing-impaired tennis players at the Australian Open in Melbourne. The special feature of this tournament is that, for equal opportunities, players have to play without hearing aids, making the game more difficult as they can't hear the bounce of the ball or sound of the racket hitting the ball.

Gábor Máthé was coached by Andrea Temesvári, a multiple Grand Slam winner. It's well known that the strain of tough athletic training can be difficult to handle at an age close to 40 years, but with the help of the Yoga in Daily Life System, recovery was easier and faster. Methods of physical and mental regeneration were applied from the yoga system of Vishwaguru Swami Maheshwarananda, practised with the personal guidance of senior Yoga in Daily Life instructor, Tibor Kökény.