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10th anniversary of Yoga in Parks project in Slovenia

To the parks - for relaxation and a good state of mind

What do summer, parks, meadows, beaches, voluntary work and yoga have in common?

The 'Yoga in Parks' project of Slovene Societies of Yoga in Daily Life!

For ten years the citizens of Slovenia have been invited to the most beautiful halls on this planet, to be in a nice and relaxing atmosphere joining in for an hour of yoga practice in a park.

The practice is suitable for all generations; whether a total beginner or a regular practitioner; for those who are in a good physical condition or those who are not fit. What is most important: these yoga classes are for free for everybody. In this way all people have an opportunity to join in and to get to know the beneficial effects of yoga on their body, mind and soul.

The classes take place once a week in July and August in 23 locations around Slovenia, in big cities such as Maribor, Celje, Nova Gorica, Koper and Novo Mesto, as well as in smaller towns and villages.

This Yoga in Daily Life project enriches the life of local communities - not only by offering free practice, but also because the project is provided on a voluntary basis. The volunteers are yoga teachers, their assistants and others organizing the activities.

The inspiration for the 'Yoga in Parks' project comes from the teachings of His Holiness Vishwaguruji Paramhans Maheshwarananda, world renowned Yoga Master and founder of the scientific system Yoga in Daily Life, awarded as an Ambassador for Peace.

Vishwaguruji's quotation nicely describes the purpose of the project:

”A healthy person creates a happy family,
a happy family means a happy society,
a happy society leads to a happy nation
and in this way Yoga contributes, one person at a time,
towards world peace, sustainability,
and importantly our inner freedom.”

yogapark slo 2016 IDRIJA edit 1200 yogapark slo 2016 KOPER edit 1200 yogapark slo 2016 logatec 2 edit 1200

yogapark slo 2016 KRANJ edit 1200 yogapark slo 2016 MURSKA SOBOTA 3 edit 1200

yogapark slo 2016 NOVA GORICA 3 edit 1200 yogapark slo 2016 NOVO MESTO 2 edit 1200 yogapark slo 2016 SEVNICA edit 1200