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Yoga Weekend with Yoga in Daily Life Youth Club in Hungary

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On 4-5 March 2017, the Yoga in Daily Life Youth Club in Debrecen, Hungary, organised a Yoga Weekend in their city, with about 20 ​participants, including 18 club members, taking part in the event.

Beginning on the Saturday, the group walked to the wonderful Botanic Garden and enjoyed sightseeing in the town​. After walking back to the Ashram, some participants ​prepared ​a delicious and sattvic vegetarian ​dinner, while the rest of the group practised yoga together, ​led by experienced and excellent yoga teacher, Péter Farkas. A beautiful satsang ​with evening prayer was held after dinner.

On the Sunday morning, breakfast was eaten ​together ​followed by a yoga program and then lunch. ​Everyone loved the ​vegetarian meals, and many of the young participants asked for the recipes. After lunch, the group cleaned the ashram and said their farewells.

This event was a great success, with everyone enjoying the programs. The organisers hope that it may inspire the youth in other parts of Hungary and in other countries to create their own YIDL Youth Clubs, in order to encourage each other to live in harmony and peace by following the principles of yoga.

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