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Announcement of the 4th Youth Conference


Dear friends and members of Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union, here is the newest information about our Youth Conference 2006!

At first we would like to address those of you, who would like to participate in the conference actively. Choose one of the given themes and way of presenting it – it can be different from those which are given below. Please notify us till March 10, 2006 (recently prolonged). Every idea is welcome. It would be perfect to make your contribution as a group, but it is not a condition. After announcement and approval you can work on your contribution till about May or June.

Being a yoga practitioner is not a condition for participation in the conference! Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, regardless of your cultural, religious and philosophical background!

If you have further questions, let us know, we will be glad to explain everything and help you.

We would like to invite also those who want to help us with the organisation: to watch what is new, to share their ideas and suggestions with us and to take over some assignments.

And we need also some people who would like to help us to find the sponsors. Please let us know if you could help us with this.

Youth Conference 2006



Organised by:
Yoga in Daily Life, Strilky/Czech Republic

Conference takes place on:
15th August 2006

Sport hall Novesta – Zlín/Czech Republic


  1. Consequences and prevention of drug abuse
  2. Importance of the environment and its present condition
  3. Let’s create a happy family together - parents and children
  4. Our imagination of the world and today’s situation in the world
  5. Youth and media
  6. Is a war leading to the Peace?
  7. Yoga and health

Age of participants:
5-30 years, the older ones can help out and assist

Form of presenting the contributions:

  • report, poem, theatre
  • video – interviews…, photos, screening of photos, pictures
  • own research, experiences, presentation of own humanitarian, ecological and other activities of the youth (leading of yoga classes, work with disabled people, work with children, vegetarianism, etc)
  • children – make pictures – we will screen them – during the screening there will be a music performance
  • Musical insertions during the program
  • exhibition – visual art pieces
  • + contributions of the guests – 5 minutes

Duration of the conference:
Whole day, 9.00 – 20.00 (21.00), there will be cultural program in the evening

Duration of contributions:
Written contribution – youth older than 12 years, max. 2 typed pages; one contribution cannot be longer than 10 minutes

Breaks and meals:
There will be break for the lunch and dinner for all in the local restaurants

Cultural program "Colourful evening" - children and youth will arrange a cultural program with their performances (singing, playing musical instruments, dancing groups, performances of the national minorities' groups); if the weather is good, the cultural program will be on the square in Zlín.

Sadhví Párvatí, Støílky

We welcome all suggestions and grants and we have applied for the grant from the EU

Offers for sponsors:
Logos in the hall - can be screened and/or installed in the hall; names on the posters

So how can you contribute?

  • participation – if you want to share your ideas, experiences, creative activity, result of a research work, ...
  • your creativity – all ideas are welcomed: logo of Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union, way of presenting the themes, concept of the conference, technical realisation, ...
  • organisation – whole year preparation of the conference, within the frame of your possibilities; it would be great if there were country- or city-wise groups of people to share the realisation of concrete tasks
  • karma yoga – in the physical realisation of the conference; it would be perfect if you participate in the summer seminar in Strilky ashram

We are looking forward to your participation, help, ideas and suggestions...

Please send everything to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!