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Bari Khatu Pranam in the Morning

The Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar continues in Střílky, Czechia, and the third week began with a rainy day. Just as nature and the earth received fresh energy from the clouds in the form of raindrops, yoga practitioners from many countries have been reinvigorated by the peaceful atmosphere and vitality (prana) around them.

The wonderful atmosphere is partly due to the uniqueness of this special place but is also enhanced by the yoga practice, satsangs, and inspiring lectures.

The rain stopped on Sunday and Vishwaguruji led morning yoga practice outside in the fresh air. He focused on the sequence known as Bari Khatu Pranam, developed by him as an integral part of the Yoga in Daily Life system.

Bari Khatu Pranam contains 27 postures, which together harmonize the body, mind and soul. The combination and method of practising these postures, strengthens, stretches and relaxes the muscles of the whole body, promotes flexibility of the spine and regulates glandular activity. It fortifies the immune system, which in turn increases resistance to disease, and the entire nervous system becomes balanced and strengthened. A few rounds performed daily are also helpful in correcting poor posture, relieving back pain and digestive problems, and reducing stress.

The benefits of Bari Khatu Pranam can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is particularly good for young people, in developing a strong skeletal structure and core.

The practice is named after the town of Bari Khatu, situated in Rajasthan, northern India, where the great saint Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji lived for much of his long life.

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