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Celebrating 10th IDY with YIDL − June 2024: Part 2 Europe

Celebrating the tenth International Day of Yoga with Yoga in Daily Life − Part 2

The International Day of Yoga (IDY) established by the United Nations on 11 December 2014, through Resolution 69/131, is celebrated on and around 21 June each year. This day aims to raise global awareness of the many benefits of Yoga.

In honour of its universal appeal and the holistic wellness it promotes, Yoga in Daily Life centres and ashrams around the world celebrated the tenth IDY with a series of events, workshops and free yoga sessions. These celebrations not only highlight the physical, mental, social and spiritual health benefits of yoga but also promote a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle, through the inclusion of vegan and vegetarian refreshments.

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Europe 2


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15. rovinj wm2. zagreb indian embassy2 wm3. zagreb indian embassy1 wm

5. samobor2 wm6. novigrad wm7. karlovac wm

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On 15 June 2024, the three-week celebrations of the International Day of Yoga, organised by Yoga in Daily Life in Croatia, began. Traditionally, the celebrations begin in Zagreb's most famous Maksimir Park, in Samobor near the Yoga in Daily Life Tree Alley, and in the shade of pine trees in the Novigrad Diocese Park.

On 20 June 2024, as one of the three local yoga schools leading the program in Zagreb, YIDL participated in the central celebration of the Indian Embassy, and in the following days, celebrations were also held by Yoga in Daily Life groups in Karlovac, Rijeka, Split, Labin, Rovinj and Umag.

A significant number of yoga practitioners, some of whom have been practising the Yoga in Daily Life System for decades, gathered at all locations for the celebrations. The programs were well attended, asanas, pranayama and meditation were practised in both YIDL centres and at carefully selected locations in parks and on beaches in Croatia. Participants were also able to learn about vegetarianism and enjoy vegetarian snacks.

The events were covered by the media, and in some cities, representatives of the city authorities were present, as in Rijeka, where the program was opened by the Mayor of Rijeka, Mr Marko Filipović, and the head of the city's health department, Ms Karla Mušković.

Yoga in Daily Life Croatia celebrated IDY 2024 in nine cities across eleven locations, with a total participation of around 450 individuals.


2. georgia wm3. georgia wm

The International Day of Yoga was marked in Tbilisi, Georgia with free yoga classes in the yoga centre and a local park.


Yoga in Daily Life practitioners in Hamburg, Germany, celebrated IDY at the ashram, with a day dedicated to yoga practice and prayers.


2024 06 kurt 02 wm2024 06 nyiregyhaza 03 wm

Hungarian Yoga in Daily Life centres celebrated IDY 2024 with a nine-day free online Bari Khatu Pranam program, which was practised every morning and evening. During these nine days, participants completed 108 Bari Khatu Pranams, with around 500 yoga students and disciples taking part in the program.

In addition to the main program, special children's activities were organised for various age groups, engaging around 50 children. The celebrations also featured free yoga classes and satsangs, held by all Hungarian centres, which drew a combined total of 300 participants.



1.idy 2024 netherlands wm2.idy 2024 netherlands wm3.idy 2024 netherlands wm4.idy 2024 netherlands wm

Yoga in Daily Life Netherlands celebrated IDY in the tranquil surroundings of the yoga centre in Oosteind.


3. pl. photo idy 2024 warsaw royal łazienki park wm

The Yoga in Daily Life Association in Warsaw organised two significant events to celebrate the International Day of Yoga 2024.

On 21 June, a presentation on 'Yoga for the Spine' according to the Yoga in Daily Life System, was held for the employees of the Ombudsman in Warsaw. This event focused on promoting spinal health and overall well-being through targeted yoga practices.

On 23 June, a group of yoga practitioners gathered in the scenic Łazienki Królewskie, Warsaw Royal Łazienki Park, for a free yoga class. The event included asanas, pranayama, and meditation, dedicated to world peace. The session began with everyone chanting the peace mantra “om asato ma sad gamaya…”. Practising yoga in the natural setting of the park fostered a profound sense of unity and connection among participants, enhancing the experience with the feeling that everyone and everything around them was in harmony.


romania6 wm

In Nadlac, Yoga in Daily Life organised free yoga classes in four different locations, drawing around 100 participants. These sessions provided an opportunity for the local community to engage with yoga practices, fostering health, relaxation, and a deeper connection with oneself and others.


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In Barcelona, the IDY celebration featured an open-door event and seminar with Swami Yamuna Puri at the Mahaprabhuji Ashram, attended by 40 participants. Additionally, a relaxing yoga class was held at the beach and a free yoga class at the local gym, drawing 60 participants.


An open-door event with free yoga classes was also organised in Huesca. 

Grand Canaria

IDY was celebrated by Yoga in Daily Life students in Grand Canaria with a free online yoga class.


1 .ukraine wm2. ukraine wm

In Ukraine, the International Day of Yoga was celebrated with a free yoga class in the city park. The event attracted yoga enthusiasts who gathered to practice asanas and pranayama in the beautiful nature.

United Kingdom

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In London, IDY 2024 was celebrated on Saturday 22 June, with a special event in Queens Park. The gathering brought together both old and new students, along with several Yoga in Daily Life teachers, under the shelter of green trees. The natural canopy provided a perfect setting, offering protection from light drizzle and hot sunshine, allowing participants to fully enjoy the relaxing full-length yoga class. Being in fresh air and nature added an extra dimension to the yoga practice.


Free online YIDL sessions were offered by YIDL Scotland over three days, including an evening Satsang with Swami Madhuram Puri, and an evening Yoga Nidra session and morning Yoga Class with Swami Ganga Mata.

On the occasion of IDY, it was announced to past and present YIDL Scotland students, that the Scottish headquarters − Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram − has recently moved from Edinburgh to the rural town of Galashiels in the Scottish Borders, an hour south of the capital. It is a residential ashram, where in-person workshops, special events and karma yoga volunteering opportunities will be taking place. The good news was also announced that some regular weekly in-person classes are finally resuming again in Edinburgh, after four years of only having classes online, since the start of the covid situation in 2020.

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