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Celebrating 10th IDY with YIDL − June 2024: Part 3 Rest of the World

Celebrating the tenth International Day of Yoga with Yoga in Daily Life − Part 3

The International Day of Yoga (IDY) established by the United Nations on 11 December 2014, through Resolution 69/131, is celebrated on and around 21 June each year. This day aims to raise global awareness of the many benefits of Yoga.

In honour of its universal appeal and the holistic wellness it promotes, Yoga in Daily Life centres and ashrams around the world celebrated the tenth IDY with a series of events, workshops and free yoga sessions. These celebrations not only highlight the physical, mental, social and spiritual health benefits of yoga but also promote a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle, through the inclusion of vegan and vegetarian refreshments.

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Australasia, Asia and the Americas



At the Yoga in Daily Life Brisbane Centre, over 50 yoga enthusiasts gathered to celebrate IDY by practising asanas and pranayama. The event highlighted the physical and mental health benefits of these traditional yoga practices.


The Melbourne YIDL group marked IDY with a series of events. An online Yoga Nidra class was offered for deep relaxation and stress relief; free Yoga classes which demonstrated how the Yoga in Daily Life system can lead a person to good health, deeper awareness and inner harmony; and an online Meditation & Philosophy Class focused on the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most significant texts on yoga.

Sunshine Coast

Yoga in Daily Life Sunshine Coast hosted a free yoga class that cultivated a friendly and spiritual atmosphere, inviting participants to experience the serenity and benefits of yoga.


In Sydney, Yoga in Daily Life members celebrated with three free yoga classes at the YIDL Centre, providing opportunities for participants to learn more about yoga.


A special free yoga class was organised for seniors in Perth, promoting inclusivity and well-being for all age groups.

Nationwide Online Satsang

The Australian celebrations included an online Satsang with Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasraj Puri, Swami Gopal Puri, and many other yoga disciples and students. The Satsang included bhajans (spiritual songs), wisdom teachings, meditation and prayers.


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On Sunday, 16 June, Yoga in Daily Life Vancouver celebrated the International Day of Yoga in the picturesque Queen Elizabeth Park. Despite the morning drizzle, the spirit of yoga enthusiasts remained undeterred. More than 30 individuals had registered for the event, including a few dedicated disciples. As the rain began to fall, 20 determined students arrived in raincoats, ready to embrace the weather.

The yoga session proceeded as planned under the natural canopies of four beautiful old cherry blossom trees, which provided shelter from the rain. As the drizzle turned into showers, the participants continued their practice, adapting to the unique environment. The rain added a refreshing challenge to the session, which the students welcomed with enthusiasm.

The celebration concluded with a joyful dance around the trees and affectionate tree hugs, symbolising a deep appreciation for nature. The day ended on a high note, with a delicious lunch hosted at a student's house nearby. The students expressed that it was the best yoga day they had ever experienced, highlighting the joy of practising yoga in harmony with nature.



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9. cn idy haikou 2 wm10. cn idy s. dayamata cn haikou 1 wm

The International Day of Yoga was celebrated with enthusiasm across China, coordinated by Yoga in Daily Life members both online via Zoom and at in-person gatherings. Swami Daya Mata led a central Zoom session with Savitri demonstrating yoga in Haikou's Central Park. Participants from various regions joined online to celebrate together.

Wuhan was represented by 宋新萍 and 安意, Peking by 倪炜., Hebei, Tongsan by 亚辉. A group led by Mr 吳 and his daughter 大米 from Zhejiang joined the early morning Zoom session.

Professors Chong and Shi joined the Zoom session at 7am before continuing travelling across China. In a video commentary, they explained the importance of yoga in their lives and that they even took a break on their journey to participate in the IDY celebration. They were proud to take part in this global event and highlight the universal importance of yoga.

In Chengdu, Chandra Devi, a dedicated yoga disciple, led a group of teachers and mothers from the Waldorf school in celebrating IDY on the school grounds. The teachers and parents appreciated the YIDL system for its systematic approach, relaxing nature, and the energy it provides.


1. diy cuba open doors ashram 2 wm


IDY in Holguin was celebrated with a three-day yoga event that attracted 60 participants.


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In Mexico, Yoga in Daily Life celebrated IDY in two locations: San Jeronimo and Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca. Free yoga classes were conducted, allowing participants to experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga in a serene environment.


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The International Day of Yoga 2024 was celebrated with great enthusiasm at various ashrams in India, including OM Ashram in Jadan, Vishwaguru Deep Ashram in Jaipur, and Sri Devpuriji Ashram in Kailash. These events brought together many yoga students and disciples, emphasizing the importance of yoga in promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

New Zealand

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A highlight of the IDY celebrations in New Zealand this year was the collaboration of Yoga in Daily Life with several different schools in the capital city of Wellington, which included: a free yoga class for 26 pupils aged 5-6 years old at Clyde Quay Primary School; two free sessions for 43 students at Wellington High School aged 16-17 years; and two free sessions for 31 students of mixed ages from Queen Margaret College, held at the High Commission of India.

On 21 June, five free classes plus an evening satsang with a shared meal, were offered at the main headquarters of YIDL-NZ, Sri Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram, and drew a total attendance of 67 students and teachers of Yoga in Daily Life, including several new people.

Kapiti Coast

Swami Madhuram held a free afternoon workshop on Sunday 23 June at Sri Devpuriji Ashram in Raumati Beach, titled, 'Relax and Remember', with meditation music, a guided Yoga Nidra and an inspiring talk, which 40 people attended.

He also led a yoga session for 20 members of a local gym, on the Sunday morning.


Sri Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram in Auckland welcomed 22 people to three free yoga classes on 21 June in celebration of the International Day of Yoga.

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