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Christmas meeting at the Peace Tree in Prachatice 2012



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On Saturday 15th December adults and children gathered in Park of Youth around the Peace Tree in Prachatice. All participants practised together Yoga in Daily Life  while listening to a fairy tale about a snowflake, sun and friendship.
Children helped the snowflake to find friends among other snowflakes, because they know, that everyone needs to have nice relationships with others, so that he can live happily in this world. Afterwards a fairy tale game motivated by a story of the Ice Queen began. This fairy tale has also a happy- ending and the main characters a little girl Gerda and a little boy Kai overcame all obstacles and started enjoying their beautiful friendship again.
 The participants were also enjoying singing of Christmas carols, decorating of the Peace Tree, eating Christmas sweets and healthy, delicious vegetarian open sandwiches. This event was organised by Yoga in Daily Life Prachatice Association. We all wish peace and understanding among people in our beautiful town and everywhere around the world for the whole new year.



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