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Christmas Season Satsangs with Vishwaguruji

Vép, Hungary 8-10 Dec 2018

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Strilky, Czech Republic 14-16 Dec 2018

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Satsang Tour in Austria

Salzburg 16 Dec 2018


After the international Weekend Seminar in Strilky CZ, Vishwaguruji went to Salzburg. In his satsang talk he said, "Christmas is a festival of joy for the incarnation of God. The month of December till early January is a joyful and bright time, and we should spend this time of preparation for Christmas and Christmas Eve itself, with a pure heart and good thoughts. Forgive each other and put aside all anger and controversy. Christmas should be a pure celebration of wellbeing and health, with healthy, vegetarian food, not with stress, quarrels, punch and a roast!"

 Hallein 17 Dec 2018


The next morning, Vishwaguruji visited the Salzburg Yoga Group and yoga friends from Austria and neighboring countries, at the new Energy Center in Hallein, and he inaugurated it with solemn AUM chanting and mantra recitations.

Villach 17 Dec 2018

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In the evening, an atmospheric international Christmas Satsang with many Christmas songs and bhajans took place in the Villach Ashram and Yoga Center.

Here again, Vishwaguruji pointed out the meaning of Christmas and religion: "Religion means 'realise your relation to God'."

Vishwaguruji shared remembrances of the first time he visited Vienna, Carinthia, Salzburg and Styria, and how his journeys began to neighboring countries, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia, under communist regime at that time, bringing them the message of God through yoga. Vishwaguruji said: "God is one, and every soul is the same. We are children of one God and therefore should not fight. Do good, get good. Do bad, get bad. This is the eternal unchangeable truth and the message of all religions."

 Vienna 20 Dec 2018

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One day before Vishwaguruji's departure to India, he held his last European satsang of this year in Vienna's Guruji Ashram. Hundreds of yoga friends from Austria and neighboring countries gathered to enjoying a really special Christmas Satsang and bid farewell to Vishwaguruji before his leaving. The satsang started with Christmas carols sung in different languages, creating a serene atmosphere.

Bhaktanand, president of the Vienna Yoga Society, welcomed Vishwaguruji and thanked all yoga teachers, helpers and caretakers of the Vienna Centers for their valuable and selfless service. All children were presented with a "Christmas bag". Swami Shanti said the most important thing is to live in the present moment, and that Christmas is the time to forgive and meditate, because every step counts on the way to our spiritual goal. Swami Umapuri wished all sisters and brothers a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

Vishwaguruji spoke of our Parampara (master lineage) whose roots are in the Himalayas. "Sri Alakhpuriji, the Grand Master of our lineage, is an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and Jesus was also a divine incarnation, a son of God, but few recognized it during his lifetime. When you see God, you will not know that God is before you, and when you unite with Him and you say 'I am God', people will crucify you.

"Today in Kali Yuga, the Dark Ages, we humans are like coal - but through yoga and meditation, we can transform ourselves into shining diamonds, and the diamond is carbon, too, yet of a fundamentally different, pure and precious quality. Our words and our thoughts are energy, and it is not easy to purify our energy. Until we have purified our consciousness and have overcome all dualism, we cannot be united with God."

The wonderful Christmas celebrations with Vishwaguruji made us all feel like one big global family and we wish Vishwaguruji a good time in India and the rest of the world, which he will visit in the coming months.

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