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Family Yoga Festival in Mozirje Botanical Garden in Slovenia, to mark IDY 2017

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International Day of Yoga in Mozirje Botanical Garden

Yoga Union of Slovenia is organizing their main event to mark this year's International Day of Yoga (IDY) to take place at the Mozirje Botanical Garden. Called 'Salutation to the Sun - Family Yoga Festival in Nature', it will bring together yoga teachers and practitioners from all over Slovenia.

Last year, more than 1000 yoga practitioners gathered in Mozirje, and that event was presented just three days later at the main International Conference to celebrate IDY, held in New Delhi, organized by the AYUSH Ministry and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This year, Yoga Union of Slovenia will organize the largest group meditation ever in Slovenia, as well as largest group yoga practice ever in Slovenia, along with special programs for children and seniors.

Swami Uma Puri Ji will attend the event in the name of Yoga in Daily Life founder and author Vishwaguruji, and will give a lecture on her experiences of life with and for Yoga. Representatives of the Indian Embassy to Slovenia will also attend the event and share promotional materials on the work and activities of the Ministry of AYUSH.

The all-day event to be held on Saturday 10 June 2107, will start with Group Meditation at 0900, followed by Group Yoga practice at 10.00, and will conclude with Peace Prayer at 1630.

Mozirje Botanical Garden is the only botanical garden in the world with a permanent stone Chakras Exhibition on display, inspired by the Yoga in Daily Life system.

Everybody is invited and most welcome to join in!