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Guests & Visits with Swamiji at the Mela


During the Kumbha Mela with Swamiji, a blessing is to meet so many great souls. Those whose life is an inspiration, and a support to thousands.  

We never quite know how the next meeting will take place, as here the life is relitavely spontanous, that's what makes it so joyful. It's really life in the present.  

There is little to plan for, but we are ever ready, as in a moment things might change, and all of a sudden we are off.   

The generous flow of pilgrims into our camp are all very inspired by Om Ashram and Swamiji's work around the world. Overall the atmosphere of peace and harmony prevails.

IMG 1 Mahamandelshwars of Maha Nirvani Akhara IMG 2 Swamiji and Acharaya Mahamandelshwar Sri Swami Vishokanandji IMG 3 Swamiji and Tulsaramji

IMG 4 Interviews for TV IMG 5 Mahamandelshwar Prakarji, who has built a temporary hospital at the Kumbh, caring for  1000 seriously ill patients per day, visits our camp IMG 6 Visit from Sri Ashok Singal; Hindu Parishad Chairman

IMG 7 Swamiji and Sri Swami Kamalanandji IMG 8  Swamiji greeting Mahamandelshwar Viyoganand Saraswatiji IMG 10 Swamiji and the past Ambassador of India in Vienna, His Excellency Mr Sheelkant Sharmaji

IMG 11 Swamiji with Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Shukhdevanandji IMG 12 Pilgrimage to Ganga IMG 13 At the entrance to our camp

IMG 14 A short walk along the Ganga near our camp