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Gurupurnima 2005 in India

Finally the rain has fallen in Jadan as well! The huge water basin, talab, is getting filled and life sprouts in countless shades of green, bringing joy and hope to all.

Rain in Jadan

Swamiji in Jadan Water brings life to the desert Talab is getting filled

Talab is getting filled



His Holiness Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda spent this July in India. Thousands of people came to have his darshan at the greatest of all spiritual celebrations, the Gurupurnima. Here is Swamiji's speech at this holy occasion:

Guru Purnima Vakyas from Satagurudev 21.07.2005, Jadan/India

Salutations to the cosmic light, Lord of our hearts, omniscient and omnipresent! In His divine presence, dear devotees of Gurudev, Sri Devpuriji, Sri Mahaprabhuji and Holy Guruji.

On this very auspicious, holy and divine occasion of Guru Purnima I bless you in the name of our spiritual lineage as well as in the name of all saints of this world. You are the fortunate ones that you can be here in India to experience and celebrate this most beautiful and spiritual festival of the Sanatan Dharma.

Sanatan Dharma is a living religion due to the Guru Purnima, which means the Guru Parampara, when there is a living Parampara, when the dynasty is continuing and living. But when the dynasty finishes, stops, then that is a past dynasty. It is like this in Hinduism. Hinduism is nothing but following the eternal religion, which is called Sanatan Dharma.

Sanatan means eternal but it also means relation. And Dharma means obligation, duty, responsibility. It means that a human being is born to fulfill one duty – and that duty is to know Thy Self. Sanatan means relation. It means Thy relation to the cosmic Self. "Thou art the salt of the earth," it is said. Similarly you are the essence of the cosmic Self. To Know Thy Self is the way to come out of the darkness to the light of the realization. To realize this means a duty! It means that now “realize your relation” becomes a religion. “Realize your relation” becomes Sanatan Dharma.

Know Thy relation with the cosmic Self is Thy Dharma in this life to be fulfilled. And for this we need a living master. We need a living person who can guide us. A medical doctor can only give you a treatment while he is alive. A king can give you even a kingdom, but only while he is alive. Similarly only the Brahmanishtha Shrotriya Sataguru, the knower of Brahman, can inspire us and give us the motivation to come to this spiritual path and can free us. And that is a Sataguru, a true master – only and only! It is only possible to come to that realization through the mercy of the master, finally "Gurukripa hi kevalam". Therefore – Guru Parampara!

The dynasty of the master and disciple exists not only in this spiritual field but also in every field of life. You cannot become an engineer without going to the university or college and learning from professors. You cannot become a doctor without learning from professors and surgeons. You cannot become an electronic engineer or any other without becoming a disciple or learning from someone. You cannot become a good singer or musician without learning from some masters. In each and every step of life, in the path of this human life, we need a master. Bhagwan Dattatreya had many many masters, Gurus. He even adopted a snake as a Guru. He learnt something even from a snake. So it is a living dynasty, a living religion, because there is continuity and it is not broken like "nothing more and only this".

We exist in this modern world. We learnt something. We know something. We should not be stuck in dogmas, we should utilize what God has given us between the two ears – our brain. And that means to use our intellect to know what is the reality. No one can cheat us nowadays. We are sitting here and through electronic media we know what is happening in the entire world.

Therefore the highest place in the universe can be only the Guru Tattwa – Gurudev. After this ultimate realization it is said:

Gurur Brahma ... is the creator. What does He create? He creates your interest. He creates motivation. He creates that light, that wisdom within you.

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu ... is the protector. He protects us from all negative energies. He protects us from all negative powers, from all evil powers. He protects us from bad society, from kusanga. He protects us and leads us to the satsanga.

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gururdevo Maheshwara ... and He is the protector and the liberator. Some say Shiva is the destroyer. Destroyer means the destroyer of the darkness, destroyer of the ignorance, destroyer of the negative waves in our life, the destroyer of the negative thoughts.

Subham karoti kalyanam arogyam dhan sampadha
Satru buddhi vinashay
Dipa jyotir namastu te.

Shiva! Shiva means consciousness. Shiva means liberation. Shiva means beauty. Shiva means the truth and Shiva means the ultimate goal. Satyam Shivam Sundaram! The highest principal is the Shiva Svayambhu! From the residing consciousness, from that endless universe, the sound, the nada came. Nada Rupa Parabrahma. Parabrahma Param Atma ka svarupa. A form, a manifestation of that cosmic Self, happens through vibration, through sound! Those who understand Nada-Yoga, will understand her voice (pointing to Medha Bhosle – the famous singer, present on the stage), how beautifully her voice is harmonizing, even you don’t know it. It is the sound, the nada. You are the lucky one, also the mission, and the beautiful voice of Medhaji. And maybe I will ask her if she will find the time to come to Europe and you can see her there. Medhaji, this is already an invitation for you.

On this divine and holy occasion of Guru Purnima, in the name of our Gurudev, in the name of the Holy Chair, the Gadi Parampara of this Ashram, I bless all devotees, all aspirants, all spiritual seekers in this world and pray to Almighty Gurudev to bless them with good health, harmonious, peaceful, happy and long life, that day by day in this life their individual consciousness merges into the cosmic ultimate consciousness.

Sri Deep Narayan Bhagwan Ki Jay!
Deveshwar Mahadev Ki Jay!
Madhavkrishna Bhagwan Ki Jay!
Sanatan Dharma Ki Jay!