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Gurupurnima 2022


The 7th full moon each year is traditionally celebrated as Gurupurnima and is the beginning of the spiritual year, when a new year of seeking knowledge and spiritual development begins.

Gurupurnima is the day honouring the GURU, the highest principle, and is a celebration of teachers, wisdom and knowledge. GU means darkness and RU means light – GURU is the principle of illuminating the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge.

This year Vishwaguruji is in India to celebrate the actual day of Gurupurnima on 13 July, but before his journey to the East, he gave the opportunity for his yoga disciples and students in Europe to personally greet and pay respects in advance to their yoga master, their spiritual teacher, in Střílky Ashram, Czechia.

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Vishwaguruji's 2022 Gurupurnima message and blessings:

gp blessing 2022