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Impressions from Winter Journey to India 2011


On his tour through Rajasthan this winter, His Holiness Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, travelling with a group of disciples from around the world, visited many places spreading the wisdom of Yoga and the light of Mahaprabhuji’s teachings.

His Holiness Swamiji was welcomed everywhere with great love and devotion, expressed with thousands of flowers showering on him like rain all the way through the narrow streets of the villages.

Swamiji visited a school for girls, graced many spiritual gatherings, and was also warmly welcomed by many of his bhaktas in their homes. Wherever Swamiji went he gave the wisdom of satsang to all who had the blessing of his darshan.

Many new blankets, donated by the group of European bhaktas, were given to local people living in poverty, and four wheelchairs were given to disabled people in a village near Jadan.

Swamiji also held a meeting with sadhus (renunciates) in the area of Pali, and pledged his help in protecting and preserving their Ashrams and the tradition of Sat Sanatan Dharma.




asharlaje1 asharlaje2 asharlaje3

asharlaje4 asharlaje


donating_wheelchair donating_wheelchair2 donating_sweaters




Visit to Jaitaran

jaitaran16 jaitaran17 jaitaran18

jaitaran19 jaitaran20jaitaran_visit5

jaitaran jaitaran3

jaitaran4 jaitaran5 jaitaran6

jaitaran7 jaitaran8 jaitaran9

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jaitaran14 jaitaran15 jaitaran_evening

jaitaran_visit jaitaran_visit3


Girls' School

school girls_school4

girls_school6 girls_school8 girls_school9

girls_school10 girls_school14

Visit to Khakholi

khakholi6 khakholi1 khakholi2

khakholi3 khakholi4 khakholi5

Goguda Gosala



kailash kailash2 kailash3




Meeting with sadhus


Pateh Giriji's Ashram

pateh_girijis_ashram pateh_girijis_ashram2


satsang_in_village satsang_in_village1 satsang_on_farm

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Visit to Gulab Kothari

visit_to_gulab_kothari visit_to_gulab_kothari1

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