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International Day of Peace 2022

On the International Day of Peace, members, teachers, students and practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life around the world, joined together at their local World Peace Trees, to pray for Peace on Earth and in the hearts of all...



On 21 September 2022, the UN International Day of Peace, Swami Uma Puri and members of Yoga in Daily Life and Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council lit peace candles around the first World Peace Tree in Vienna, planted by Vishwaguruji in 2005 in the Swiss Garden.

They performed a parikrama (sacred circling) around the Peace Tree, singing the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for the protection of all living beings and a prayer for peace for all people suffering from war, violence, oppression and hardship, "May our peaceful thoughts, words and prayers spread as seeds of peace in the world. May they awaken the light of understanding of our unity as human beings in the hearts of those who carry hatred and anger, and alleviate the suffering of those affected by the misery of war."

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At the World Peace Festival at Hellbrunn Palace Park, YIDL friends gathered to celebrate and pray by the lime tree that Vishwaguruji planted as a World Peace Tree in 2007. Anang Naik, a local Brahmin, led the reciting of mantras and opened the celebration with a salutation to Lord Ganeshji. Afterwards, Swami Premanandji gave a touching speech, which was said as a conversation with the tree. The group sang songs and mantras for peace, and the Stimmradl Choir from Salzburg created a very special solemn atmosphere with their contributions.

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"Inner peace for world peace" – International Day of Peace in Croatia 2022

Yoga is a spiritual discipline through which millions of people around the world find inner peace, patience and tolerance for themselves and their environment. Peace is one of the basic qualities that one develops by practising yoga, and when this quality is awakened in us, it extends to our surroundings. This idea is the guiding principle of all celebrations of the International Day of Peace organised by Yoga in Daily Life in Croatia.

This year, commemorative programs and prayers for peace were held in eleven Croatian cities.

Čakovec and Varaždin – 16–17 September 2022

The International Day of Peace was marked this year in Čakovec by placing a memorial plaque next to the Peace Tree, planted in Čakovec Zrinski Garden back in 2005. The mayor of the city, Ms Ljerka Cividini, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri and the founders of the Čakovec YIDL Association, Bernarda and Dragutin Goričanec, were present at the event.

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri gave a lecture in the city library in Varaždin, and the Varaždin disciples continued the tradition of lighting candles and wishing for peace for all living beings by the Peace Tree in Youth Park in Varaždin.

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Zagreb – 18 September 2022

Prayers have been held by the Peace Tree in Zagreb for 17 years already, and the height and strength of this tree remind us of endurance and persistence, qualities that characterize all ideas that, despite obstacles, managed to make a change in the world. The representative of the City of Zagreb, Svibor Jančić, along with Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivekpuri and Sadhvi Anand Puri, addressed the gathering.


Labin – 21 September 2022

The Peace Tree was planted in Labin five years ago by Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri with the Ambassador of India to Croatia and the Mayor of Labin. The 2022 International Day of Peace was marked by prayers and lighting candles.

Umag 21 September 2022

In Umag, in front of the City Palace, the olive Peace Tree is full of fruits. It was planted in 2010, as part of a large international conference and celebration of the International Day of Non-Violence, organised by SSMWPC and YIDL of Croatia. The tree was planted by Vishwaguru Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji with the Ambassador of India to Croatia and many distinguished guests at the conference.

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Pula (Duga Uvala) 21 September 2022

The International Day of Peace was marked in Duga Uvala around Vishwaguruji's olive Peace Tree with prayers and meditation for peace.

Rijeka 21 September 2022

The International Day of Peace was celebrated in Rijeka next to the Peace Tree on the Delta, by the Liberation Monument.

Split 21 September 2022

Members of the Yoga in Daily Life Association of Split marked this special day dedicated to peace at the olive Peace Tree, planted in May 2006 by the author of the YIDL system, Vishwaguru Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji, near the Golden Gate of Diocletian's Palace. Diocletian's guards also "guarded" the peace this year.


Karlovac 21 September 2022

In Karlovac, the International Day of Peace was celebrated with a prayer near the Peace Tree. Members of the association, united by sincere wishes for the end of all conflicts in the world, dedicated prayers to this goal.

Samobor 21 September 2022

In Samobor, a special program was held with people gathering next to the Yoga in Daily Life Alley of trees.

Vukovar 23 September 2022

Several events for Peace Day were organised in Vukovar under the name "Nonviolence is the weapon of the strong". In addition to representatives of various associations and religious communities, the Ambassador of India to Croatia, Mr Raj Kumar Srivastava and Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri, (who later held a lecture in the Eltz Castle), also participated in a special Peace Forum. All the participants lit candles and held a prayer for peace around the Vukovar Peace Tree.

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On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, many people in Prague gathered together for a joint prayer for world peace at the Peace Tree in  Vyšehrad. The beautiful linden tree was planted in 2008 by the author of the Yoga in Daily Life system, Vishwaguru Swami Maheshwarananda, with local dignitaries and guests.

The special event included live music from a wind instrument brass band led by Jan Blinka, welcoming participants as they arrived, and some songs from the Skřivani singing group led by chorister Barbora Maléřová. This was followed by a heartfelt speech by the mayor, Rudolf Bernát, who emphasized the importance of peace for the happy life of all people. Following this, some poems for peace were recited by Josef Zábranský.

The bhajan band from Ostrava performed the traditional Sanskrit peace mantra and led the group in chanting of another mantra which translates as: "Lord of peace, I give you my strength, may love grow and malice cease, peace to the world, peace" and was sung repeatedly by all those present, thereby contributing drops of peace to the ocean of peace for a happy life on our beautiful planet Earth.

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Karma yogis (resident volunteer yoga aspirants) and students from the villages around Jadan Ashram in Rajasthan, gathered around the Peace Tree to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Swami Avatar Puri, successor to the lineage of Vishwaguruji, sent his message on the day of peace, via video on social media.

Watch video at:

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To mark the International Day of Peace, the online YIDL classes streaming from Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram in Edinburgh to students all over Scotland and beyond, took the theme of peace. This included chanting the Peace Mantras at the beginning and end of classes, and while practising the asana sequence, Khatu Pranam. The longer evening meditation class centred on feeling inner peace, resolving to retain a connection to the peace within during daily life, and personal prayers for peace for all humans and animals around the world.

Local YIDL members also visited the World Peace Tree in Edinburgh to chant peace prayers and tie ribbons for peace. Planted near the ashram in 2010, at a ceremony with Vishwaguruji and the Reverend Andrew Anderson from the local Presbyterian church, plus representatives from local government and the Indian Consulate, this sacred yew tree happens to be located very near to both the Ukrainian Consulate as well as the Ukrainian Community Club. Since April 2022, there has been a refilled box of yellow and blue ribbons hanging from the tree, so that members of the Ukrainian community (including many recent refugees) and the general public can tie ribbons on the tree, with their wishes for peace in Ukraine and around the world.

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Novo Mesto

Members and friends of Yoga in Daily Life in Novo Mesto gathered together to light candles and chant prayers for peace at the World Peace Tree planted by Vishwaguruji in the city.

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New York

On 16 September, the Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council joined members of the International Day of Yoga Committee at the United Nations (IDYC) to celebrate Peace Day, with a program held in the Tillman Chapel – the Church Center for the UN in New York City. The program was hosted by Denise Scotto, the chair of IDYC.

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