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January report of visits to Ashrams in Rajasthan, India

There are several ashrams, Yoga in Daily Life centers in India, which Vishwaguruji visits a few times a year, often accompanied by a group of pilgrim travelers from abroad.

An ashram is a place where spiritual practice and work are taking place. The spiritual traveler, or seeker, can find peace and serenity in an ashram. Usually, a smaller or larger community lives in the ashram and people dedicate their time and work for the ashram as volunteers, in order to maintain the place and the spiritual atmosphere of their temporary home.

Vishwaguruji started his Indian tour in Indore, in December 2019, where he was invited for a special program to University of Indore.
Read more about this event at

After visiting Indore, Vishwaguruji stayed for a long time in Rajasthan, especially in Bari Khatu Ashram. This ashram is famous for the renowned yogi Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji, who used to stay, meditate and give satsangs there.

More recently, this ashram had been taken care by Swami Ma Yoga Shakti Puri, better known as Khatu Mataji. Unfortunately, she passed away on the 25th December 2019. She looked after not only the ashram, but also the people of the village. When she passed away, many of the villagers came to the ashram to express their gratitude. She was buried as a yogi, according to Indian tradition, in the ashram where she lived for 20 years.

After this ceremony, a 16 days period of prayers and bhajans (Indian devotional songs) were sung for her soul every day by villagers. A group of women and young girls came to the ashram every day around two o'clock and sung folk songs to express their thankfulness and respects to Mataji.

Following the tradition, on the 16th day after Mataji passed away, a huge celebration, a bhandara feast took place in the ashram, organized by Vishwaguruji. Food and presents were given for the villagers and special guests for the occasion. Read more about the celebration at

During Vishwaguruji’s stay, he had many formal and informal invitations to other villages, and also to the city of Jaipur, where he met the Governor of Rajasthan, His Excellency Kalraj Mishra. Read more about the meeting at

After a long journey around Rajasthani villages, Vishwaguruji travelled back to the head ashram, to Om Ashram in Jadan, where he stayed only for short term before the next drive to another place.

On 26 January 2020, Vishwaguruji watched over the celebrations for Republic Day of India in Om Ashram with participation from all students, the principal director and teachers from Om Ashram schools and college. Read more on

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