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Kumbha Mela Allahabad 2013-Triveni Sangam Puja


Triveni Sangam Puja small

It was a grand idea of Swamiji to have a bath in the Sangam before the crowds descended into Kumbha Mela for Makar Sankranti - the first auspicious bathing day. This way we would all have time to enjoy - not just with less crowds but at a pleasant time in the afternoon when the sun was still shining. In fact Swamiji had checked the weather several days prior to ensure we would get a nice day.
Nice it was, we took a boat to the very place where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet, where a makeshift pontoon of boats held puja items for making offerings and priests performed oblations.

It was interesting, that while on the boat we could see the distinct difference in color of Ganga and Yamuna. Those who took a dip at Sangam were blessed again by Swamiji, as He stood on the pontoon while bhaktas were knee deep in the water, these pictures were printed in several newspapers as it was such a unique moment and wherever Swamiji goes, so does the media.

Each day we have some photos in the papers and Swamiji is appearing regularly on the T.V.
There is a lot of activity back at the camp and day by day it becomes more beautiful. We invite you all to join us at this auspicious time.

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