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Live-stream web cast of Swamiji's satsangs from Australia


His Holiness Swamiji is currently visiting Australia on his World Peace Tour 2007. While Swamiji is in Brisbane, a live-stream webcast of his lectures will be available via internet. This is the first time that Swamiji will be broadcast live, on-line in Australia and as there are no sponsors for the broadcast, there will be a minimal charge of $20 to access the programs on-line. In this way we will be able to recover the costs involved in providing this web casting service so that all may benefit from seeing Swamiji's lectures.

To register and activate your account for the webcast you will need to follow the two procedures as below:


  1. go to the website to register your details for the webcast
  2. go to the online shop to make your payment for this service ($20 for broadcasts over the whole Australian tour) at the following link:


Once your payment has been received you will be able to log on via the website and receive the webcasts.

Evenings with Swamiji at 7pm EST

May 15 Principles of Hatha Yoga
May 16 Mantra Yoga and How to Practice
May 17 Karma Yoga - Kriya & Fasting
May 18 Everlasting Divine Consciousness - Bhakti Yoga
May 19 Satsang with Swamiji
May 20 Farewell Satsang

Other events may be broadcast as well, please see Swamiji's programme here.

Time Zone info: 19.00 EST ~ 11.00 CET
More time zone calculations at