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London Seminar with Swamiji, 18-20 October 2013




Karma - The Destiny


This weekend we had the great honour of welcoming our beloved Master, Swamiji, to London. Swamiji's topic for the weekend, Karma - The Destiny, drew the attention of spiritual seekers from around the UK and many other parts of Europe including Spain, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Croatia and Austria, as well as Canada and the USA. All came to hear Swamiji's words of wisdom and receive his darshan.

We learnt about the cause of karma, and what we can do to influence it. Karma,  Swamiji explained, is simple to understand but difficult to accept. Destiny is the result of past karmas.

"Don't be afraid of anything but karma. What you write, what you think, this will become karma. You have to be conscious of karma and be merciful to thyself."

Swamiji gave us the light of his wisdom to show what we can do to help ourselves.

"Only our sadhana and prayers can decrease our karma. Purification of the karma can come through prayers and pilgrimages to holy places where some saint lived or walked. Try and keep these feelings that you have in holy places"

As well as lectures, during this weekend seminar Swamiji led the group through a series of Asanas which were especially focused on the the Muladhar and Svadhisthan chakras. Such practice can help to purify the past karmas that are stored in these chakras and counter negative emotions such as anger and jealousy. He reminded us that this information is collected in the Yoga in Daily Life book,
"The Hidden Power in Humans, Chakras and Kundalini".    

We also heard of the small, daily changes we can make in our lives, and help ourselves by doing so.

"If you want to see God, you have to see God in yourself first. First thing in the morning when you wake up - say the name of God, look to His picture and say Om Namo Shivaya. Then say, 'I am human'. When you go to the bathroom thank God for the water. Second thing is ask, 'What makes me human?' Not only this body. The human principle is human and kind. So get up and repeat your mantra. Say, 'I am human. What makes me human? How do I develop these human qualities?'"