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Mahamandaleshwar Swami Phul Puriji's visit to Europe in summer 2023

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Phul Puriji from Jadan Ashram in India, visited Europe this summer and participated in Yoga in Daily Life retreats and seminars with Vishwaguruji in Czechia, Hungary and Croatia, as well as additional programmes in Slovenia and Austria.

MM Swami Phul Puriji, who has been Vishwaguruji’s disciple from childhood, also had the blessed opportunity to live with another great yoga master, Holy Guruji, Paramhans Swami Madhavanandaji (guru of Vishwaguruji). He received spiritual inspiration and learned the essence of yoga and meditation directly from a Master.

Swami Phul Puriji received mahamandaleshwar diksha (initiation ceremony) on the very auspicious day of 31 October 2022, which was the 19th anniversary of Hindu Dharmsamrat Paramhans Sri Swami Madhavanandaji, Holy Guruji, leaving this mortal world.

Yoga in Daily Life followers had the good fortune this summer to get to know Mahamandaleshwar Swami Phul Puri’s honest and natural innocent spirit, and his way of living. He always humbly showed his gratitude towards his yoga master, and spoke with openness and a wide smile, such that the audience could immediately feel the love, contentment and joy from his soul.

After spending time with Vishwaguruji in the summer seminars at Strilky Ashram in Czechia, Vep in Hungary and Rijeka in Croatia, MM Swami Phul Puriji made a tour of Yoga in Daily Life ashrams in Slovenia and Austria, accompanied by Swami Uma Puriji, during September.

The two monastics started their journey from the international YIDL seminar in Rijeka and travelled to YIDL ashrams in Koper, Ljubljana and Maribor in Slovenia, and then continued to Villach, Salzburg and Linz in Austria, before returning to join Vishwaguruji again in the Austrian capital city, Vienna, which is where the headquarters of the YIDL International Fellowship is located.

A report about the events they attended with Vishwaguruji in Slovenia can be seen here:


Villach – 5 September

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Phul Puriji and Swami Uma Puriji were welcomed with great joy in Villach on 5th September. The Yoga in Daily Life group were able to enjoy the beautiful spiritual vibration that emanated from the two visitors and it made the whole group feel the presence of the whole holy master lineage of Yoga in Daily Life.

MM Swami Phul Puriji spoke about his life with Holy Guruji and said how happy he was to be in the beautiful energy in the Ashram, "One can feel Vishwaguruji's presence in every plant and even in the furthest corners, making this place a holy place."

Salzburg – 7-8 September

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At lunchtime on Friday 8 September, there were refreshments served in the garden of Shivani's yoga studio in Salzburg. In the evening, the yoga group had a wonderful satsang in the ashram on Stauffenstrasse in Salzburg. The event started with bhajans sung by Swami Umapuriji.

MM Swami Phul Puriji's lecture was an inspiration for the whole yoga group. He spoke about the precious and rare gift of satsang, “It's easier to reach heaven than to find satsang anywhere. In satsang, all negative thoughts disappear, because satsang purifies our mind. Rain falls like nectar from the clouds to nourish everyone. Similarly, in satsang, the blessings of the guru overflow and nourish all the disciples (yoga aspirants)."

MM Swami Phul Puriji also highlighted the power and importance of prayer. He said, “Physically I can fast, but I cannot give up prayer.”

The next day both swamis walked to another ashram on Steingasse in Salzburg. The yoga families in the house invited everyone for lunch. All the participants shared their spiritual experiences and enjoyed the presence of the spiritual and uplifted energies of the monastic guests.

Linz – 9-10 September 

mm swami phul puri salzburg 1 wmmm swami phul puri salzburg 3 wmmm swami phul puri salzburg 4 wmmm swami phul puri salzburg 5 wm

The first item on the programme in Linz was a very beautiful satsang. Among other things, MM Swami Phul Puriji spoke about how important it is in today's world not to live on the outside but to turn inwards. He called these concepts "IN-Joy" and "OUT-Joy".

On Sunday morning, the group went on a sightseeing tour of Linz. The tour started at the Mariendom Cathedral in Linz, where a Roman Catholic service was being celebrated. MM Swami Phul Puriji was very impressed by this and so the group stayed for a while to participate in the service. Then the way led the group into the old town of Linz to St. Martin's Church, the oldest church in Austria, and on to Linz Castle.

From the main square, they took the tram on the Pöstlingbergbahn (mountain tramway) to the Pöstlingberg, a high hill overlooking the city, where the whole group enjoyed the beautiful view of Linz and the River Danube. After that, they visited the Baroque Basilica on the hill, where a service was being held by an Indian priest.

The group rode the tram back to the main square and, with a short walk via the historical building known as Linzer Landhaus, the group made their way back to the YIDL Ashram.