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Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri visits Scotland


After enjoying an inspiring lecture evening from him in February, we were delighted to welcome back Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri Ji to the Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram in Edinburgh at the start of June – a wonderful time of year in Scotland, when the sun can still shine late into the night.

Swami Vivek Puri spent the first evening teaching yoga to a class of regular YIDL students. Everyone felt excited but a little apprehensive to be taught by such an experienced yogi. Of course, we needn’t have worried.  Swami Vivek Puri’s teaching was knowledgeable, intuitive and full of humour.

In his second evening, a workshop named ‘The Heart of Meditation’, he taught us how to look at our practice in a clear, concise and practical way.  After explaining the benefits of meditation, he advised us simply to find a formula and to stick to it. We learnt of the importance of prayer, expanding the heart, and above all empathy for ourselves and for others.  Swami Vivek Puri shared such wonderful stories with great charisma; and just as the light continued into the night, so did the warmth of his teaching. 

As both programs were in the evenings, during the days Swami Vivek Puri got to experience the very changeable weather of Edinburgh outdoors – fondly known as “four seasons in one day”. He enjoyed walking through the historical Old Town and visiting the intriguing Dr Neil’s Garden in the traditional old village of Duddingston on the east side of the city, which is just like being in the countryside. Having trained in herbs and pharmacology as well as some knowledge of ayurveda, Swami Vivek Puri was able to recognize and explain the healing properties of many of the medicinal herbs in the Physic garden. He also managed to climb again the volcanic mountain remains known as Arthur’s Seat, which dominates the centre of Edinburgh and provides a wonderful view of the whole city and surrounds.

We warmly thank Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri for coming to Edinburgh and look forward to any more visits in the future.

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