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Prakriti Summit 'Save the Wildlife' in Ranthambore National Park


This Summit was organised and held in the Tiger Heaven Resort close to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, famous as one of the few national parks where tigers can roam free. Its aim was to raise people's awareness of the problems and threats that wildlife are facing. Many people are aware of the disappearance of the tigers, but rare are the ones who know about the extinction of birds, the dying-off of bees and butterflies, and disappearance of many other species.

One of the leaders for promoting sustainability in this world and an active proponent of Gandhi's slogan, “Be the change you want to see!”, HH Vishwaguru Swami Maheshwaranandaji shed light on the solutions to current problems in the protection and sustainability of wildlife and the environment.


Excerpt of Vishwaguruji's speech:

"The Rathambore National Park is a beautiful forest, totally natural. It is a holy place. Many saints did their sadhana (austerity) there. In Sanatan Dharma the tiger and also the lion represent Shakti, they are a symbol of power. In Sanatan Dharma every creature has its place in nature and is precious and very important for our whole system.

Sanatan Dharma means to understand every living being on earth. It means unity, oneness and harmony. Sanatan Dharma originates from God Himself. It is unversal, complete (purna) and without borders.

Man should be a protector and not a destroyer. Gandhiji said: 'Mother Earth has enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed.' Nature does not need us – but we need Nature.

So, make a sankalpa (a resolve): Eat only organic food and observe ahimsa: Thou shalt not kill! Consuming meat is very bad for the situation on our planet. There is only one solution: become vegetarian! Protect nature; protect the forests and rivers; protect the wildlife!"




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