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Early in the morning on the 14th January, we left our camp with Swamiji to partake in the auspicious Makar Sankranti Royal bath and procession of Mahamandelshwars. While the 5.30am start saw us all shivering, the bath itself was a huge blessing and Swamiji spent plenty of time in the water blessing all devotees, and giving time to the eager media.

Bhaktas could be seen shining with smiles on their faces as they left the Sangam. Many observers, spectators were also eager to greet Swamiji and take His blessings, which He graciously gave to all.

As we walked back to the Akhara there was a tangable peace that seemed to have descended upon all, along with the usual loud thumping of drums and sounding of trumpets, that's the Kumbha Mela - a celebration, and at the same time an awakening.

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