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Samadhi of a monkey in Bari Khatu ashram

Lakho Pranam Swamiji,

We had such an extraordinary event in the Bhari Khatu Ashram that I would like to share it with You.

A monkey died in the Ashram from Easter Sunday to Easter Monday night. We knew him from before, because time to time he came to the Ashram and used to sit on Mahaprabhuji’s banyan tree eating leaves.

He came again 3-4 days ago, but this time he behaved differently. He sat at the entrance for hours on Saturday than he went into the Shiva Mandir and he spent half of the day there, holding the marvel margin of the Shiva Lingam. We were wondering with Mataji if he was sick or was going to die. I did not know how I would make the Shiva Arati in the evening with the monkey in the Mandir. But he was very disciplined and came out half an hour before the Arati, so the Mandir could be cleaned.

Next day in the morning we closed the doors of the Shiva Mandir. On this day - Easter Sunday - the monkey spent all the day in the Krishna Mandir. And again, half an hour before the Arati he came out and sat at one of the pillars of the Shiva Arati. Although all day he was in the temple, he excreted only when he came out. During the evening Shiva Arati he was all the time there as if he would be attending the prayer.

Next morning – Easter Monday - we found him dead under Mahaprabhuji’s banyan tree. We were not sure with Mataji what to do with the body, but then the people from the village came and said that, “He is Bhagavan himself” and we have to make a Samadhi for him.

So, many people came and dug a hole for the Samadhi behind the Shiva Mandir, and they made a chariot for the body. They washed the monkey, the tailor sewed new clothes for him and they put the body into the chariot and then they went around in the village. When they came back we had a puja and arati at the Samadhi hole - Mataji and Ramkaramji went into the hole for the ceremony. And than they put salt on the body and finally soil so they closed the Samadhi.

Mostly Ramkaramji organised the program because Sarpanch Sahib was in Delhi at the time. It was a nice program and with Mataji we both felt very elevated that we participated in such a beautiful community event. I am sending some photos as attachment.

PS: Mataji asked me to tell you that if You were not in the desert in Australia at this time then we would have called You for instruction where to put the body.

Pranam Swamiji
Yours, Chandra Puri



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