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On Saturday 7 June 2014 we celebrated the second anniversary of our Peace Tree in Mexico City, which was planted by Swamiji during his first visit to Mexico on 8 June 2012.

With help from the local government we prepared a public event, which was very well accepted. Singing of bhajans created a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in which we explained the intention and purpose of planting the Peace Tree, and presented a description of the great work of Swamiji throughout the world. On behalf of the government, Mrs. Leticia Ruiz Cañas kindly gave a short address and said that she is very happy that we have come together here again, reminding us that she had requested this at the Peace Tree one year ago, and that now that wish has been fulfilled.

The moments of deepest peace and contentment on this day of group celebration came with the practice of Khatu Pranam and singing the Sanskrit peace mantra. The atmosphere was full of divine blessing and we give thanks to Sri Mahaprabhuji and Swamiji for such a nice experience.

You can see the video and photos of the event on our page at and on YouTube

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