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Self Inquiry Meditation Workshop in Maribor, Slovenia.


University of Maribor meditation workshop

Dr. Dejan Dinevski (Dayalpuri) from YIDL Maribor guided this workshop. At first he presented an introduction to meditation from the psychological point of view, with recent research in this field from the National Institutes of Health, USA that says: "It is thought that some types of meditation might work by reducing activity in the sympathetic nervous system and increasing activity in the parasympathetic nervous system," or equivalently, that meditation produces a reduction in arousal and increase in relaxation.

A comprehensive 2013 meta-analysis of mindfulness-based therapy concluded that it was an effective treatment for a variety of psychological problems, and is especially effective for reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. Meditation can also make a significant contribution to the deep transformation of personality sought in psychotherapy.

Then he presented Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and particularly the 7th step, Dhyana - followed by the presentation of His Holiness Swamiji being the author of the Yoga in Daily Life System and Self Inquiry Meditation.

After 25 minutes of Self Inquiry Meditation there was a short discussion about this parctical experience followed by some guidelines for meditation at home.

Attendees were inspired by the workshop and asked when will be the next one...