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Special Yoga in Daily Life Events in Zagreb and Split, Croatia

Yoga and Children with ADHD workshop at the University of Zagreb, Croatia

A Yoga and Children with ADHD workshop was held on Friday 19 May 2017, at the University of Zagreb - Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences as a part of the faculty's 9th International Science Summit ERFCON 2017.

Attendees were given the opportunity to learn about the basic principles of the ancient scientific discipline of Yoga. They were presented with research findings on the positive effects of yoga on children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The presentation included a workshop offering participants practical Yoga in Daily Life - the System postures and exercises suitable for children with ADHD.


Yoga in Daily Life is Our Way – promoting health in Split

On Sunday 21 May, Yoga in Daily Life (YIDL) presented its work, for the third time, as a part of the Zdravlje je moj đir (Health is My Thing) event, which took place outdoors in the public park at Cape Sustipan in Split, on the beautiful Adriatic Coast of Croatia.

During the first part of the program, visitors were given the opportunity to practice some exercises from Yoga in Daily Life - the System. The exercises were lead by certified Yoga in Daily Life teacher Marjan Gavrančić, Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science.

In the second part of the program, Saša Matejic, a longtime YIDL teacher, a physiotherapist with many years of experience, held a lecture on the topic of "Yoga for the healthy spine".
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"We can! I can!" - health and awareness action in Zagreb

Yoga in Daily Life Zagreb has for many years been co-operating with the association supporting breast cancer patients known as 'All for Her', by providing free yoga classes to its members in the Zagreb Yoga Center. On Saturday 27 May, YIDL Zagreb participated in a public health and awareness event called "We can. I can.", organised by the All for Her association and the City of Zagreb.