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Summer retreat in Strilky 2023

In the beautiful nature of Mahaprabhudip Ashram, another divine Summer Yoga Retreat with Vishwaguruji has begun.

Starting on 7 July, with celebrations for the special occasion of Gurupurnima, thousands of Yoga in Daily Life followers, from all over the world, arrived at the yoga camp in the Czech village of Strilky, to greet their Yoga Master and express their love and gratitude for his protection and guidance. Being in the presence of Vishwaguruji, and located in the serene, natural environment of Strilky Ashram, aspirants could feel a profound sense of inner peace and spiritual bliss.

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The summer Yoga Retreat continues for several weeks, with many different programs. Those who feel that their body needs movement and relaxation can attend the program of simple yoga practice with Sarva Hita Asanas, Nadi Shodhan Pranayam, Self-Inquiry Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

The Kriya Anusthan advanced program is available for those looking to quieten their mind and experience a deeper connection with their inner selves and the Divine.

On the other hand, those who want to connect with nature and develop a sense of harmony with others can involve themselves in karma yoga in the beautiful park of Strilky Ashram, the fruit and vegetable garden, or simply learn how to cook delicious vegetarian food by helping in the kitchen.

Children of all ages are provided with engaging activities – singing, dancing, painting, practising yoga, and acting in plays based on stories from the ancient Vedic scriptures – occupying their time in an educational way.

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The crown of all daily activities at the Summer Retreat is satsang (lectures, practice and singing), held every morning and evening with Vishwaguruji. Being in the presence of a saint uplifts one's spirit, melts the heart and gives strong motivation to develop the goodness and wisdom that he, as the yoga master, represents.

From the rich legacy of the Spiritual Masters of Yoga in Daily Life, there are numerous bhajans, devotional songs. Singing bhajans together in the satsangs has a profound impact on the mind, body and soul. The divine sounds of the bhajans create a sacred atmosphere and evoke a sense of devotion and connection to the Divine, fostering a sense of unity and harmony among participants; and the deep meaning of every word in the bhajans explains yoga in its most profound way.

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This divine summer retreat offers a respite from the chaotic demands of modern life, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in a world of serenity and inner peace.