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Swami Madhuram participates in "Mind, Body & Self" Conference in Wellington


24 - 26 July 2015, Wellington, New Zealand

The first International Interdisciplinary Conference was hosted by Victoria University of Wellington and the Society for Philosophy and Culture.

Covering the topic of "Mind, Body & Self", the Conference invited scholars from many different fields to present their work. Ranging from Philosophy (Eastern, Western and Maori) to Economics, Anthropology, Medical Science, Quantum Physics, Religious Studies and many more areas.

By sharing the opinions of each field, the goal was to illustrate the interrelationship between the different areas of expertise, providing a more encompassing vision.

Swami Madhuram Puri was one of the speakers, representing Yoga in Daily Life New Zealand. During his 45 minutes, Swami Madhuram explained the basic philosophy of yoga, the principles, and the yogic approach to "Self". He also spoke about meditation and concentration techniques as a tool to work with the mind and reconnect with the inner self.

After having explained a little of Nada Yoga, the audience experienced it in practical way supported with ragas played by Swami Madhuram on Bansuri flute. The audience enthusiastically  appreciated his speech and the concert of ragas.

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