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UN Peace Day with Vishwaguruji in Vienna

On the occasion of the UN International Day of Peace, 21 September, Vishwaguruji and his disciples from Austria and neighboring countries gathered at the Friedensbaum (Peace Tree) in the Schweizergarten (Swiss Garden).

This very powerful tree was the first World Peace Tree planted in Austria, which took place at a ceremony in 2005 Vishwaguruji and the district governor of the 3rd district of Vienna - so it has been in its place for 12 years. At the foot of the tree was a small flower-decorated altar, on which the peace flame was lit.

After the singing of peace mantras, Swamiji gave a speech:

"We all who are here at this tree stand for peace. This tree with its fruits is a symbol of unity. It stands firm in its place and defies all the hardships of nature like frost, cold, snow, heat and storm. It is the same with us. We are firmly committed to our spiritual principles, no matter what may happen, and stand for peace and harmony, understanding and forgiveness among people and in the whole world. We wish all creatures to be healthy, happy and protected.

We pray to Bhagwan Sri Deep Mahaprabhuji, Sri Holy Guruji, Sri Devpuriji and Sri Alakhpuriji to bless us and the world. OM Shanti - OM Peace."