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Vishwaguruji visits Slovenia

After a long time, Vishwaguruji recently visited Slovenia. Taking into account the current pandemic situation, many people were joyously waiting for Vishwaguruji, who has spent the last three months in Europe. He gave lectures every day in the village of Slovenska Vas, next to the border with Croatia, with people coming to participate from many surrounding areas. Article and photos at

During the program, Vishwaguruji encouraged everyone to perform a certain daily routine, early in the morning, to keep one feeling fresh and strengthened throughout the day, and said: “Our body says to us every morning, 'come and practise Sarva Hita Asanas', which means 'asanas for everyone'. And who is everyone? The body, the blood circulation, the nerves, the bones, the muscles... all parts of the body – every body.”

See a video of the event on YouTube