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Weekend Workshop – “Yoga in Daily Life for a Healthy Back”


weekend workshop for a healthy back

Weekend Workshop – Yoga in Daily Life for a Healthy Back

A workshop titled “Yoga in Daily Life for a Healthy Back” was held in Rijeka, Croatia from 6 - 8 June 2014. It was led by long term Yoga in Daily Life teacher and highly experienced physiotherapist, Harriet Bucher (Hemlata) from Vienna, Austria.

This program was an excellent complementary follow-on to a previous workshop held in Rijeka in April this year about applying Yoga in Daily Life to spine and joint problems, which was guided by Prof. Martin Repko from Brno, Czech Republic.

Again it was found that working in small groups has useful advantages, especially in offering possibilities for an individual approach. Practical examples of back ailments were given, particularly for the lower back, as well as common problems with the neck. These were accompanied by detailed physiological explanations and on-screen diagrams.

The whole workshop took place in a very pleasant atmosphere and was blessed with delightfully warm weather, so all participants could also enjoy the nature and sea-side close to the Rijeka Center of Yoga in Daily Life.