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World Peace Day celebrated in historical Hellbrunn Castle park in Salzburg

Salzburg 5

Every year on 21 September, the Salzburg Peace Network and Yoga in Daily Life Salzburg come together to commemorate the UN World Peace Day.

This year the program included a special guest speaker, Ambassador and Chief Negotiator in peace negotiations for the Yugoslavian war, Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch. As an expert on international politics he was able to explain clearly the current problems of the world situation.

The cultural portion of the event was initiated by Carl Orff Institute, with musicians Ari Glage and Yella Schwarzer performing, and continued with children dancing, and scenes acted from a play that deals with time-sensitive issues.

The reflective part of the event took place at the World Peace Tree in the Hellbrun Castle park, planted by Vishwaguruji in 2007. First, the Peace Tree ceremony was performed with traditional peace prayers; followed by the offering of religious symbols and the laying of the flags in a mandala - sacred circle. The Flag Mandala is always a highlight, because all those present have the opportunity to take a flag of a country in hand and make wishes of peace for that country.

Finally, all participants joined in a dance for peace around the tree.

Following the ceremonies a great vegetarian buffet was shared, prepared by Salzburg members of Yoga in Daily Life and provided freely for all. Participants could discuss ideas for peace during a healthy hearty meal.

The event was moderated by Romy Seidl from ORF Salzburg and enjoyed by one and all.​

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