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Yoga and the Science of Chakras

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A colorful installation of chakras in the Mozirje Botanical Garden, Slovenia, is surrounded by the lush green countryside of the beautiful Štajerska region. It presents an aspect of the invaluable knowledge that Yoga has preserved through millennia. Slovene artist Petar Ristič (Prakash), who illustrated the visual images of the energy centers (chakras), was instructed by Vishwaguruji Maheshwarananda, founder of the System of Yoga in Daily Life.

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The eight main chakras placed in the botanical garden symbolize the main energy centers in the human body. They are holistic images of different parts of our existence: material, mental, emotional and spiritual.  This graphic visualization of chakras is like a map of evolution of the human consciousness and its perfection, the ultimate aim of yoga. Visitors to the botanical garden can practice yoga on a serene meadow inspired by this unique installation, carefully crafted by talented volunteers from the local Yoga in Daily Life society.

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The practice of yoga conditions our body, while it simultaneously affects our outlook on life to become more relaxed and focused. By practicing yoga our energy centers, chakras, become more balanced, which in turn connects us with consciousness and awakening of the kundalini shakti. The science of kundalini shakti leads us to Self-Realization, fulfilling our life with wisdom, truth and joy.

As revealed through the Science of Yoga, if we balance our energy centers, we ourselves are not the only ones who benefit from this bliss, but we also positively affect all living beings and the environment. On the path to Self-Realization, we as humans become guardians of nature and animals, which is of utmost importance in this time of climate change and mass species extinction.

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Vadba joge ob postavitvi čaker v Mozirskem gajuYoga practice at chakras installation in Mozirje botanical garden
Posted by Yoga In Daily Life Slovenia on 2015. július 27.