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4th International Day of Yoga celebrated worldwide with Yoga in Daily Life

As is now traditional each year since 2015, Yoga in Daily Life® centers around the world again participated in their local Indian Embassy celebrations of the International Day of Yoga (IDY), and also offered hundreds of free yoga classes, to inspire people to practice yoga for good health and well-being of body, mind and soul.

Here are a few glimpses of the Yoga in Daily Life® worldwide events on the occasion of IDY...


On Sunday morning, 17 June 2018, the 4th IDY - organized by the Indian Embassy in Vienna - was festively celebrated in the Johann Strauß Wiese city park. The Yoga in Daily Life® system by Vishwaguru Swami Maheshwarananda played a leading role in the implementation of the program.

As in the previous year, there were many yoga practitioners and others interested in yoga, about 500 in total. It began with a speech by Indian Ambassador, Her Excellency Ms Renu Pall, followed by short speeches by a representative of the Austro-Indian Society and the Mayor of Vienna. The main program began with Pranayama breathing exercises, Nadi Shodhana Level 3, also called Anuloma Viloma, followed by Sarva Hitta Asanas excellently explained, directed and presented by YIDL teachers and students

In the afternoon there were free drop-in classes in both Vienna Ashrams. They were attended by many people who wanted to practice yoga for the first time, as well as regular students who were happy to have the opportunity of an additional yoga class. It was a beautiful and very relaxed afternoon and yoga teachers were happy to give an insight into yoga in theory and practice, as well as to answer some very interesting questions.

During the following week, there were IDY celebration programmes in other cities and yoga centres in Austria such as Linz, Salzburg and Villach, as well as in Graz, St. Polten, Krems and Eisendstadt.

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Free classes were offered in the Yoga in Daily Life Ashram in Vancouver, BC.

vancouver 1vancouver 2


Yoga in Daily Life practitioners in Hainan, China, practised together outdoors, in celebration of the International Day of Yoga.

2018 06 idy yidl china poster


This year, Yoga in Daily Life Croatia celebrated the International Day of Yoga in 35 cities, and in 15 of them YIDL was the main organizer. The festival took place in many locations and at many programs, attended by around 800 participants.

Activities began on 14 June in Duga Resa, with the Mayor Tomislav Boljar addressing the gathered participants before they began their yoga practice in the pleasant and warm atmosphere of the school hall.

In Jastrebarsko, the celebration was held in the beautiful ambience of garden of the Erdody Ccastle and was attended by delegates from the Embassy of Republic of India in Croatia, as well by the City Mayor. Practice included the usual protocol recommended by the Ministry of AYUSH, as well as a demonstration of Yoga in Daily Life asanas, and was held in the center of Samobor, in the King Tomislav Square.

The central celebration in Zagreb was held at the Bundek Lake, attended by His Excellency Sandeep Kumar of the Indian Embassy, ambassadors of the USA, France, Malaysia, as well as the assistant of Croatian Foreign Affairs Minister and former football player Mario Stanić. About 300 participants had practiced yoga and  the program also included a presentation of Indian Bollywood dance. Every school of yoga had a chance to demonstrate the asanas from their system, and the celebration ended with breathing techniques and meditation.

In addition, this year the celebration included a workshop and lecture 'Yoga in Daily Life as assistance to police officers', organized for the inmates of Zagreb prison in Remetinec. And free yoga classes were offered to the public in all YIDL centers. Yoga in Daily Life also actively participated at this year's Yoga Symposium with a professional lecture on the education of YIDL teachers.

The central celebration in Split was held on Riva of Split, where the program was led by a YIDL teacher. The practice was attended by 50 people.

The International Day of Yoga was also celebrated in the eastern cities of Vinkovci in the Lenije Park, and Vukovar, where events were followed by the Vinkovačka TV.

IDY was celebrated in the Novigrad's Bishopric Park, in the old city center. After the short welcome speech and an introduction about yoga, the group practiced asanas and pranayama together. The program finished in pleasant company with vegetarian refreshments.

In Umag, the program was held at Africa Beach and was attended by Indian Ambassador, His Excellency Sandeep Kumar in the pleasant seaside ambience with around 30 people. Also in the Istrian region, practice was organized in Labin at the San Marco Square; in Rovinj at the Porton Biondi beach; and in Pula at the Porta Rate Square.

Closing celebrations were organized in Varaždin in the old city park, and in Velika Gorica at the Dr Franjo Tuđman Park, where a lecture on 'Yoga and Health' was also given the day before. The central celebration in Rijeka was held at Molo Longo, by the sea.

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Czech Republic

Several IDY events took place over a few days in the Czech city of Brno, organized by a team of 22 volunteers, including 10 Yoga in Daily Life teachers.

On the day before IDY, 20 June, about 75 people attended a scientific lecture on 'The benefits of Yoga in preventing diseases of civilization', was given by neurologist, Dr Kateřina Sheardová at the Mahenova Library.

On 21 June, the Brno Yoga in Daily Life team of 22 volunteers organized an Open-air Yoga Festival at the Tyršův Sad Park. The afternoon event was attended by almost 100 people and consisted of five open yoga classes; five short performances showcasing the YIDL System and its progressive levels; three practical workshops focused on 1. Hatha Yoga cleansing techniques, 2. Pranayama, and 3. Chakras; and a children's yoga program.

And on Saturday 23 June, two full length public Yoga in Daily Life practice sessions for beginners and for advanced students were held in the Lužánky central park, including relaxation, asanas, pranayama and meditation. More than 110 people attended the two free outdoor classes.

The popular International Day of Yoga programs in Brno this year raised awareness about yoga and its benefits to the public, so that many people could experience yoga practice for the first time, learning useful techniques for good health and general well-being. A lot of positive feedback was received both from members of the public, as well as from students who already practice. And many people showed interest in attending regular classes, as well as coming to IDY events again next year.

More photos from around the Czech Republic here.

idy brno 1 200dpi 800 wmidy brno 2 200dpi 800 wm


The main festivities in Hungary took place at Bálna Cultural Centre, a spectacular building in Budapest, organized by the Indian Embassy and the Hungarian Yoga Societies. The audience practiced the Bari Khatu Pranam sequence 11 times, led by instructors and practitioners of the Yoga in Daily Life System, thus expressing our respects to the great saint, Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhu Ji, who lived and taught in Bari Khatu (Rajasthan, India). This practice gave balance and joy to everyone and is a pearl of the YIDL yoga system, authored by Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Ji; practicing it harmonizes the body, mind and soul.

107 members of YIDL visited the Embassy program in Budapest. The Hungarian Centre of Yoga in Daily Life in Budapest and the YIDL Youth Club organized a colorful program between 15-25 June. 550 people participated in the events organized by the Budapest Ashram and many more programs organized by other local YIDL Societies around Hungary - Békéscsaba, Debrecen, Esztergom, Érd, Győr, Kecskemét, Nyíregyháza, Szeged, Tata, Tatabánya - and the Indian Embassy.

(Photos: © Balázs Farkas-Mohi, Budapest, 25 June 2018)

budapest 1 72dpi 1200 wmbudapest 3 72dpi 1200 wm

Celebrations for the 4th IDY and 3rd Ganga-Danube Cultural Festival began in Gyor on Saturday 16 June 2018. The cultural and educational event took place in the main auditorium of Szechenyi Istvan University. Dr. Eszter Lukacs, the Vice-Rector of the University, inaugurated the program. It began with an Indian Kuchipudi dance performance by dance exponent Ms Gabriella Toth, Garima.

Professor Asmita Wele, Ayurveda Chair of Hungary, enlightened the audience on Ayurveda in Indian Culture. The program ended with a yoga demonstration by Yoga in Daily Life instructor Dr Tamas Cseuz, from Szeged. Throughout the program, henna artists drew beautiful designs on the hands of young and old alike, and enthusiasm of the participants at the event was contagious.

See more: Facebook photo album of Indian Embassy in Hungary

györ 2 1200 wmgyör 3 1200 wm

On 21st of June 2018, International Day of Yoga was celebrated in all of our ashrams in India. Programs were held in Jadan, Jaipur, Delhi, Khatu, Nipal and Kailash Ashrams, with free Yoga in Daily Life morning practice for public, school students, school teachers and college lecturers.

Additional programs with presentation of the Yoga in Daily Life System were organised in Jaipur Public Park and in Sojat City, on the invitation of the Indian Oil Corporation.

More photos:

2018 06 idy india jadan 1 1200 wm2018 06 idy india jadan 2 1200 wm2018 06 idy india jaipur 1 1200 wm2018 06 idy india jaipur park 1200 wm2018 06 idy india jaipur 1200 wm2018 06 idy india khatu 1200 wm2018 06 idy india nipal 1200 wm

New Zealand

All three New Zealand ashrams in Auckland, Wellington and Raumati Beach, provided free yoga classes to the public and existing students; and Swami Madhuram also gave a free Seniors Yoga session to residents at the Charles Fleming Retirement Village, in the small town of Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast.



Free outdoor classes and an information stand about Yoga in Daily Life services and activities were made available to the public in Warsaw, Poland.

2018 06 idy poland 12018 06 idy poland 3


IDY celebrations in Slovakia took place in several locations with large numbers of children participating.

In Martin, a historical city in the heart of Slovakia, His Excellency Harsh Kumar Jain, Ambassador of India, motherland of yoga and non-violence, assembled in front of the Town Hall with city representatives and local Yoga in Daily Life members under the two Peace Trees planted several years ago by HH Vishwaguruji.  With other dignitaries he planted a third tree - now known as the 'Mahatma Gandhi/Slovak-Indian friendship memorial tree'.

The tree ceremony was followed by a visit to the collections of the Slovak National Library, where His Excellency was especially attracted by Gandhiji's manuscript from 1910, an edition of the Vedas gifted to the library in 2012 by HH Vishwaguruji, and newly discovered historical excerpts, from which students of the local high school in 1868 – 1875 were taught basics of ancient Indian language (Sanskrit) and culture.

Members of the public were surprised by the amazing number of children providing a demonstration of yoga asanas and routines in one of the central squares of the town. Under the guidance of their teachers and parents, children came from different nursery and elementary schools from Martin and other towns and villages around Slovakia.

Several years ago, the Slovak Yoga in Daily Life Society offered a formal program of yoga exercises to schools, with the aim of improving concentration ability, health and study results of pupils. The variety of common health problems and the great interest in these exercises shown amongst children indicate the relevance and timeliness to now realize this noble goal. Practice shows that yoga is one of the best aids to addressing the contemporary diseases of modern civilisation and to creating a better, healthier and more content life for rising generations of young people.

In Stara Tura, IDY was celebrated on 23 June with morning yoga in the square, attended by 20 people. The Yoga in Daily Life centre decided to donate €4 per participant, to Sabinka Fajnorova from Stara Tura, who has physical disabilities, adding something more to this amount and donating a total of €150.

 kosice 2martin 1martin 6martin 7nitranovemesto nad vahompiestany 2popradprievidzastara tura 1

On Saturday, 16 June 2018, the Indian Embassy in Slovenia organized an International Day of Yoga celebration in Tivoli Park, in the nation's capital, Ljubljana. Many different yoga schools and their students attended the program, including Yoga in Daily Life Slovenia, which presented a practice – class and YIDL books on a stand.

Yoga in Daily Life Koper celebrated IDY on 21 June at St. Simon Bay, Izola, on the beautiful Adriatic coast. The class was led by Sadhvi Savitr and the event was also an introduction to free open-air yoga in parks and on beaches, which is a traditional summer activity of YIDL societies all across Slovenia.

On Sunday 20 May, following the weekend seminar in Maribor, a public event took place in Mozirski Flower Park, dedicated as a preliminary celebration of the International Day of Yoga, as well as an introduction to the first International Day of Bees. See full article here.

izolaljubljanamozirski park

This year, the Yoga in the Daily Life group in Ukraine took part in the celebration of the International Day of Yoga in several different places. A wonderful festival under the patronage of Ambassador of India, Manoj Kumar Bharti, took place on 21 June in the Mariinsky Park in Kiev, strengthening Ukraine-India relations and implementing the principles of Vedic culture, yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

Vishwaguruji’s system was introduced to several thousand people with some asanas from each level practiced together with the public and the signature YIDL sequence, Khatu Pranam. The 'Yoga in Daily Life - the System' book, which was translated into Ukrainian language last year, aroused great interest at an information stall set up at the event.

A series of free classes was also initiated in the 'Valley of Roses' in Cherkasy city park, where everyone was able to join and practice together in the open air. Such classes will continue until the end of the summer.

idy kiyv 1idy kiyv 2idy kiyv ambassador
United Kingdom

YIDL practitioners and teachers in London celebrated IDY with three special public events: on Sunday 10 June an Open Day was held in Sri Swami Madhavanandaji Ashram, offering free yoga sessions and an introductory talk about the practices and benefits of the Yoga in Daily Life system, and vegetarian refreshments served to those attending; on Saturday 16 June an outdoor event practising 108 rounds of the Khatu Pranam sequence was held in Queens Park, followed by a vegan picnic together, close to the World Peace Tree planted by Vishwaguruji and the local Mayor in 2010; and on the day itself 21 June the three regular morning and evening Thursday drop-in classes were offered for free at the Ashram, attracting several new students to classes for the first time.

In Scotland, four special free classes were offered at the Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram in Edinburgh in the morning and evening of 21 June, finishing with a Yoga Nidra & Meditation session. Many new people attended, as well as current regular students, and a few former students who had not been to classes for some time and were very happy to be in the peaceful space of the ashram again. As has become a tradition, a chalkboard was displayed in the reception area for participants to write down what they like about yoga. On Saturday 23 June, a free 90-minute Relaxing Yoga class was given at the Theosophical Society in Glasgow, also attracting several new people with a variety of health conditions, trying and enjoying Yoga in Daily Life for the first time.

idy 2018 london poster idy 2018 london 108 khatu pranams  1idy 2018 london 108 khatu pranams  2edinburgh yoga day board 2018


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