• Bend the head and upper body slightly forward. Inhale through the mouth and exhale in short, powerful bursts through the nose 25-50 times.

  • Initially this exercise is practiced through both nostrils and afterwards through each individual nostril while the head is bent either to the right or left side.

  • After practicing Kapala Bhati one should relax for 1-2 minutes.

This technique has a refreshing effect and gives new energy. Blood supply is stimulated to the whole forehead region and nasal passages. It is very helpful for sinusitis. The nose is cleansed and the respiratory system is strengthened. The effect is calming and therefore counteracts stress. Practiced prior to meditation, this technique brings inner peace.

Kapala Bhati may give rise to slight feelings of dizziness, however, these pass after some practice.

Sooner or later, everything that you do comes back to you. You alone are responsible for everything that happens. Your life is in your hands. Feel yourself free, feel yourself dependent upon nothing and nobody. Be helpful to everyone. Love your family, your friends and all living things. Live a positive, spiritual and healthy life.