Starting Position:

on the straight back and stretch of the hip joints

coordinated with movement, normal breathing in the position

once on each side

Stand with legs wide apart. Upper body is straight and shoulders relaxed. >Inhale deeply. >Exhaling turn the body and both feet to the left. Bend the left knee until the fingertips touch the floor. >The right knee and foot rest on the floor. The back is straight. Body weight is distributed on the left foot and right lower leg. >Breathing normally concentrate on a point and hold the posture for as long as comfortable. With the help of the hands return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

Increases stability of the legs and mobility of the hips. Encourages correct posture. Recommended during the first three months of pregnancy.

This exercise is not to be practiced after the third month of pregnancy, following an appendix operation or with knee problems.

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Asanas and Exercises to Stretch the Hip Flexors