Starting Position:
Lie on the abdomen

on the back muscles

coordinated with the movement, and held in the position

5 times each variation

Remain lying on the abdomen with the arms stretched out in front. Bend the knees and bring the heels close to the body.

Variation A:
>Inhaling raise the head and shoulders and look up. Press the hips towards the floor. >Holding the breath remain in the position for as long as is comfortable. >Exhaling lower the head and shoulders and return to the starting position.

Variation B:
As in Variation A, but with arms stretched out sideways.

Strengthens the neck, back and leg muscles. Counteracts a rounded back and stretches the front of the body. Helps relieve fatigue.

Avoid practice of this exercise with a hernia, arthritis of the hips, or problems in the thoracic or cervical spine.

Asana is included in the following categories:
Asanas and Exercises to Strengthen the Back