10 - 20 minutes

The following six exercises build on each another. They are practiced in such a way that each part of the technique actually forms a focus point of the practice, but as you progress the preceding part is then practiced in an abbreviated form along with the current one.

Awareness of the Space around You

  • Be aware of the space which you are in and be conscious of yourself in the space.

  • Be conscious of your existence, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Physical Awareness and Stillness

  • Be conscious of your body.

  • If parts of your body are still tense, release the tension gradually until the whole body is deeply relaxed.

  • Feel the complete stillness of your body in the meditation posture.

Awareness of the Unity of Body and Breath

  • Feel your normal breathing and be conscious of the breathing process.

  • Be aware of the unity of body and breath. Feel and observe the expansion of the body with the inhalation and the contraction of the body with the exhalation.

  • Feel how the breath is not only taken in through the nose but also through the body. Feel how the flow of the breath streams through the whole body.

Concentration on Inner Purification

  • Visualise and feel how wastes and toxins flow out of the body with the exhalation.

  • Visualise and feel how all negative thoughts and feelings are removed with the exhalation.

  • Feel the inner purification of body and mind - how body and mind feel refreshed.

Concentration on Reception of Prana (Vitality)

  • Visualise and feel how cosmic energy streams into your body with the inhalation.

  • Receive the energy and feel how it flows into each cell of your body and is distributed throughout the whole body.

  • Visualise and feel how your mind becomes clear and fills with light, power, joy and optimism with each inhalation.

  • Be aware of how you feel quieter, more balanced and refreshed with each breath.

Concentration on the Anahata Chakra (Heart Centre)

  • Direct your attention to the centre of the chest and be aware of the gentle flow of the breath in this area.

  • Feel the calm and even beat of your heart and through this continue to deepen the relaxation.

  • Finally direct your concentration fully to the centre of the chest, the heart centre, and immerse your consciousness in your heart.

  • Visualise a stream of light in the centre of your heart. Feel light and bliss in the centre of your heart (Hridayakasha).