Starting Position:

on the movement of the back and the hip joints

coordinated with the movement

5 times

Stand with the legs apart. The toes point outwards. Go down into a squat and at the same time straighten the arms forwards with palms together. The soles of the feet should remain completely flat on the floor. >Inhaling bring the folded hands towards the chest and with the elbows or upper arms press the knees further apart. Stretch the head backwards and look up. The back is as straight as possible. >Exhaling press the elbows together with the knees. Extend the arms forward again and allow the head to sink between the arms. The back is rounded. >Repeat the movement 5 times and return to the starting position.

Stretches the muscles of the inner hip, which is good preparation for meditation posture. Strengthens the back, especially in the area of the shoulder-blades and helps to counter a rounded back. The exercise promotes flexibility of the spine and hips, and also encourages deep breathing.

This exercise should not be practiced when there is pain in the knee or hips.

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Asanas and Exercises to Improve Mobility of the Hip Joint