Starting Position:

on the balance of the body

normal breathing

3 times with each leg

Stand upright and relaxed with legs together. Transfer the body weight onto the right leg. >Breathing normally place the left foot on the right thigh. Concentrate on a fixed point at some distance in front to maintain balance. >Raise the arms sideways to shoulder height and above the head until the palms touch. >Lower the folded hands to chest height. >Bend forwards slightly and pause in this position. Continue to slowly bend forward, pausing 3 more times, until the upper body is horizontal to the floor. >Slowly come upright and return to starting position. >Repeat exercise with the other leg.

Practice the exercise with eyes closed and concentration on a fixed point within (e.g. on the eyebrow centre).

Improves the ability to concentrate and balance. Has a regulating effect upon the entire nervous system. Strengthens the muscles of the legs and feet.

Avoid this Asana if there is any knee injury.

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