Starting Position:

on the breath in the stretched position

slightly deeper inhalation and exhalation

3 times

Sit in Vajrasana, the knees and heels slightly apart, big toes touching. Place the hands on the floor behind the body with the fingers pointing backwards and lean the upper body back slightly. Allow the head to hang back relaxed. >Relax and breathe deeply through the nose. Remain in this position for approximately half a minute. Return to the starting position.

Relaxes the neck and increases blood supply to the head. Stretches the throat muscles and stimulates the thyroid gland. Extends the spine. The breath is deepened, especially in the front of the chest. The exercise has a generally calming effect.

Avoid this exercise if there are problems in the ankle or knee joints, in the cervical spine, or if there is a tendency to become dizzy.

Asana is included in the following categories:
Asanas and Exercises to Relax the Neck and Throat Muscles
Asanas and Exercises to Activate the Thyroid Gland