Starting Position:

on the back and muscles along the side of the trunk

coordinated with the movement

3 times to each side

Stand with legs apart. The trunk of the body is upright and relaxed. >Clasp the fingers in front of the body and turn the palms downward. >Throughout the sequence keep the gaze directed towards the clasped fingers. >Inhaling raise the arms above the head. >Exhaling bend the upper body, together with arms, forward to the horizontal. During the following movement of the upper body the arms and back should remain in a straight line. >Inhaling turn the upper body slowly to the left. >Exhaling return to the centre. >Inhaling stand upright again. >Exhaling return to starting position. Repeat exercise on other side.

Improves posture, strengthens the back and stretches the muscles along the side of the trunk and back of the legs. Deepens the breath, especially in the side of the chest. Aids digestion and stimulates kidney function.

Avoid this exercise if dizziness occurs.

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Asanas and Exercises to Strengthen the Back