Starting Position:
Sit with legs straight

on the back

coordinated with the movement

5 times

Sit with the legs straight and place the hands on the thighs.

Variation A - With straight legs:
>Inhale deeply. >Exhaling slide the hands slowly along the legs towards the feet so that the upper body continues to bend forward. The legs and back remain straight. >Inhaling return to the starting position. Consciously straighten the back completely. >Practice the sequence of movements 5 times.

Stretches the musculature of the back, hips and back of the legs and relaxes the entire back.

Variation B - With one leg bent:
>Bend the right leg and bring the foot towards the body. The sole of the right foot lies along the left thigh and the right knee points out to the right. Place both hands on the left thigh. >Inhale deeply. >Exhaling slide the hands slowly along the leg towards the left foot until the upper body is bent forward as far as possible. >Inhaling return to the starting position. >Perform the exercise 5 times and then change the leg position.

Stretches the muscles of the back and the back of the legs and encourages mobility of the hips.

This variation should not be practiced if there are any problems with the knee.

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