Starting Position:
Sit with legs straight

on the back and the hip joints as well as on the Manipura and Vishuddhi Chakras

coordinated with movement, normal breathing in the position

once with each leg

Sit with the legs straight. >Place the right foot on top of the left thigh, then with the help of the hands lean back and lie on the back. Lift up into Sarvangasana supporting the back with the hands. >Breathing normally move into Halasana lowering the left leg behind the head until the toes touch the floor. The right foot remains on the left thigh. Bring the arms above the head and hold the toes of the left foot with both hands. The left leg remains straight. >Breathing normally hold the position. Return the hands to support the back and lift into Sarvangasana. >Exhaling roll the back down, vertebra by vertebra and return to the starting position. Practice the exercise with the other leg.

Strengthens the endocrine and nervous system. Improves circulation, stimulates the digestive fire and regulates body weight. Stretches the muscles of the back, hips and legs. Promotes flexibility of the spine and heightens one’s sense of wellbeing. Especially recommended for learning to sit in lotus posture. The Asana influences the Vishuddhi and Manipura Chakras.

This Asana should not be performed with slipped discs, problems of the knees or hips, or during pregnancy.

Relax for a short time in Anandasana and then perform Matsyasana as a counter pose.