Starting Position:
Sit with legs straight

on the abdominal muscles

coordinated with movement and held in the position

1–3 times

Sit with the legs straight. Bend the knees up and place the feet flat on the floor. Close the hands into fists so the thumbs are inside. Bring the fists beside the knees. Back and neck are in line. >Inhaling tilt the upper body back slightly. Straighten the knees and raise them to eye level. The fists remain beside the knees. >Holding the breath balance the body on the buttocks in this position. >Exhaling return to the starting position.

  • Initially, practice the Asana three times holding each repetition briefly. After practicing this way for some time begin to extend the practice by holding the posture for a few minutes with normal breathing.

Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, thighs and back, encourages good posture as well as a slim figure. Stimulates the Manipura Chakra and helps with speech and articulation problems.

This Asana should not be practiced with a hernia, after any abdominal surgery, during menstruation or advanced stages of pregnancy.

Asana is included in the following categories:
Asanas and Exercises to Strengthen the Vocal Cords and Improve Voice Articulation