Starting Position:
Sit with legs straight

on the twist of the spine

coordinated with the movement

3 times on each side

Sit with straight legs. The back is straight and relaxed. Hands rest on the thighs. >Inhaling raise straight arms forward to shoulder height. >Exhaling keep the back straight, tilt the upper body back slightly and twist to the left. Place the hands on the floor behind the body, bend the arms and bring the forehead towards the floor. Legs and body form a line. The right buttock should remain as close to the floor as possible. >Inhaling come up again with arms straight out to the front. >Exhaling return to starting position. >Repeat on other side.

Practice this exercise 3 times on each side. In the last round, remain in the twisting position breathing normally.

This exercise specifically works on the thoracic vertebrae, strengthening the muscles of the chest while relaxing the deep muscles of the back. This exercise maintains flexibility of the spine.

If the exercise causes shoulder pain, then one elbow can be placed on the floor. This exercise should be avoided if there is a slipped disc.

After this relax in Anandasana.

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Asanas and Exercises to Relax the Back