Starting Position:
Lie on the abdomen

on extension of the spine and the Manipura Chakra

coordinated with movement, held in the position

1–3 times

Lie on the abdomen with the arms beside the body. The chin rests on the floor and feet are flat on the floor. >Inhaling bend both legs and take hold of the ankles with the hands. Raise the head, upper body and thighs and look up. The body is now like a tensed bow. The body weight rests on the abdomen. >Holding the breath remain in this position for as long as comfortable. >Exhaling return to the starting position.

  • Initially, practice the Asana three times holding each repetition briefly. After practicing this way for some time begin to extend the practice by holding the posture for a few minutes with normal breathing.

Variation A:
Breathing normally rock the body backwards and forwards in the tensed bow position.

Variation B:
Breathing normally roll the body to the right and left in the tensed bow position.

Maintains the flexibility of the spine and improves mobility of the hips and shoulders. Massages the abdominal organs and activates the Manipura Chakra, thus stimulating the flow of life energy or Prana.

Avoid this Asana with hernia, a back injury or following any abdominal surgery.

After this exercise relax in Anandasana.

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Asanas and Exercises to Increase Flexibility of the Spine